Polycrystalline Diamond Tip

Product describe

A polycrystalline diamond tip features excellent wear resistance, durability, and a long service life. Its service life is 50 to 200 times longer than a cemented carbide tip. The patented polycrystalline diamond tip of HMR has been proved to have great advantage by processing technique and practical performance.
The result of the experiment is summarized as follows;
A polycrystalline diamond work piece is grinded on a cylindrical grinder and a fixed tip inlaid with cemented carbide is used to ensure the processing precision. As the workpiece is extremely hard, the diamond grinding wheel has to complete the processing with greater grinding power and therefore the tip has to bear a greater weight and suffer considerable wear. The tip has to be changed every 40 to 50 working hours. If a polycrystalline diamond tip is used instead, it needs to be changed only every 2,800 to 5,000 hours.
The polycrystalline diamond tip may vary in shape, length, and handle according to different processing requirements and can be customized.
Advantages in performance: A polycrystalline diamond can be used for tools processing super-hard materials (such as a grinder) thanks to its advantages in performance such as excellent wear resistance and durability. It not only has a great price-performance ratio but also makes the processing smoother, thus saving more costs.

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