PDC Core Drilling Bit

Product describe

It is combined with self-produced high-density PDC cutter. It has the characteristics of stable performance, high abrasion resistance and wide optical properties. It is suitable for strong grinding of medium hard, hard, broken and laminated in f = 10-15 grade rock strata. 
It can be broad used in geological exploration, metallurgy ,coal mining and so on. It can be used together with single tube, single action double tube, double action double tube and rope core drilling tools.
PDC core drilling bit
fit for f≤10 rock strata
size: Φ56-153mm
PDC high-low teeth core drilling bit
High drilling-in efficiency with long life. High picking-up rate on rock center with good qualified rock sample
size: Φ73-153mm
PDC core drilling bit with sintering
triple wings concave type : fit for f=10-12 rock strata
size: Φ73-153mm
Impregnated core drilling bit
Impregnated core drilling bit fits for f≥15 rock breaking and drilling in hard, tight, strong abrasive rock
size: Φ56-153mm

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