Product describe

A PDC consists of a polycrystalline diamond layer and a cemented carbide substrate. It is made by sintering fine diamond powder and cemented carbide substrate together at a high atmospheric pressure and temperature (about 60,000atms and 1,400-1,500℃). It is suitable for drill bits (PDC drill bits) working on various strata.  Due to the complete D-D bindings among the diamond grains at the polycrystalline diamond layer, the diamond layer has high strength, hardness, and wear resistance and also shows excellent self-sharpening performance.
In its operation, a PDC drill bit crushes rocks by cutting and is more effective than a roller cone bit crushing rocks or an impregnated diamond bit ploughing and grinding rocks. The polycrystalline diamond layer and the cemented carbide substrate are combined in a tooth structure, thus consolidating the two layers and ensuring better impact resistance of the drill bit.
Product Features
1)The HMR products are leading-edge products best known for their quality and reliability and have been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad.
2) Advanced super-high temperature sintering technology is used to ensure that their quality is among the best in China.
3) Different geological conditions are studied and advanced computer simulation technology are used to design a rational and effective tooth structure, optimizing product quality. Multiple product series are available for customers to choose from, while PDCs can be customized to meet special customer requirements.
4)Appropriate PDC solutions are designed and provided for customers through cooperation with them according to their different requirements.
5) Standard and Customized styles of cutters are available. PSG Series,Mantle Series, T Series,Z Series,S series, U series, PQR Series W series are all popular among customers.

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