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A polycrystalline sandblasting nozzle is composed of a polycrystalline diamond nozzle core and a (metal or plastic) shell. It was invented by HMR in 2004, for which an invention patent was granted in 2007 (patent No.: ZL200410091398.0). As the nozzle core is the key part of the nozzle, the polycrystalline diamond as the most wear-resistant material is undoubtedly the best material for a nozzle core–a nozzle made of the polycrystalline diamond is unprecedentedly wear-resistant. According to the feedback from our customer groups, the nozzle is highly reliable and has a long service life that is 10 to 20 times longer than a boron carbide nozzle, 100 to 200 times longer than a cemented carbide (tungsten steel) nozzle, and over 200 times longer than an aluminum oxide nozzle; besides, it has a tremendous price-performance ratio.
The polycrystalline diamond nozzle of HMR has a great advantage in performance and a tremendous price-performance ratio. Below is the result of a comparison between it and ordinary nozzles: 
Compare a cemented carbide nozzle, a boron carbide nozzle, and a polycrystalline diamond nozzle all with the same specifications of 6cm bore and ф20×35cm, and conduct sandblasting on a hard metal surface with green silicon carbide sand with a granularity of 24µm. As shown by the results, the cemented carbide nozzle lasts 8 to 10 shifts; the boron carbide lasts 70 to 80 shifts; the polycrystalline diamond nozzle lasts over 1,000 shifts. Obviously, the polycrystalline diamond nozzle needs to be changed only once a year.

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